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Victor Schreuer

Senior Client Partner - MedTech

Victor is a Senior Client Partner & the Lead MedTech consultant at Morgan Prestwich. Victor started his career as a licensed Physiotherapist upon completion of his MSc at the University of Ghent, Belgium but quickly transitioned to the Pharmaceutical and the Medtech industry as a Business Developer for a digital-health start-up in Brussels. With a strong scientific background, multilingual approach and particular affinity establishing durable client relationships with key stakeholders throughout the industry, he initially joined Morgan Prestwich’s sister company (Life Sciences Recruitment) as global Client Partner. He has since transitioned to Executive Search and joined the team at Morgan Prestwich as a Senior Client Partner overseeing the Central European division  Being a part of LSR’s original inception team, Victor took on key business development and managerial responsibilities with crucial accounts as LSR grew.

Victor is uniquely placed in the international Biopharma and Medtech industry with a tailored and in-depth perspective, often in clients & candidates own native language. He is most effective in Preclinical, Clinical Development, AI/Digital Health, Quality & Regulatory Affairs, Commercial, Pharmacology and of course the Medtech industries.

Victor's Expertise

Medical Device / Technology

In the sphere of Medical Devices and Medical Technology, the convergence of technological prowess and life-saving innovation isn’t just a benchmark of success—it’s a continual commitment to advancing human health and revolutionizing patient care. Our executive search service is intricately designed for this dynamic and critically important sector, dedicated to identifying and placing visionary leaders capable of spearheading technological advancements while navigating the multifaceted challenges inherent in this transformative industry.

The medical device and technology industry is a complex, high-stakes field marked by a relentless pace of innovation, stringent regulatory oversight, competitive market pressures, and high consumer expectations. This landscape demands leaders who possess a rare blend of skills: deep technical expertise, strategic business acumen, an innate ability to anticipate and adapt to market and technology shifts, and a profound commitment to developing solutions that improve patient outcomes and enhance quality of life.

Leadership in this space must extend beyond conventional management qualities. It necessitates individuals who are at the vanguard of biomedical engineering, digital health, wearable technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence, yet are equally skilled in areas such as regulatory compliance, market development, and strategic partnerships. These leaders must be visionaries, seeing beyond the current state of medical technology to drive the development of groundbreaking products and solutions that address unmet medical needs and create value for stakeholders.

Our executive search framework is built upon core pillars of service excellence:

  1. Deep Industry Knowledge: Our team is composed of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the medical technology sector and executive recruitment. Their combined expertise sets the foundation for our sophisticated understanding of the industry’s needs and challenges.
  2. Comprehensive Candidate Assessment: We employ a robust evaluation process that scrutinizes each candidate beyond their on-paper qualifications, examining their technical knowledge, leadership skills, strategic thinking capabilities, and alignment with your organization’s mission and values.
  3. Strategic Focus on Innovation-Driven Leadership: Our search strategy prioritizes individuals who have demonstrable experience in fostering innovation, with a keen understanding of how advanced technologies can fundamentally transform patient care and healthcare delivery.
  4. Unwavering Confidentiality and Ethical Standards: We hold all information pertaining to clients and candidates in strict confidence, maintaining transparency, integrity, and discretion throughout every interaction and phase of the recruitment process.
  5. Ongoing Partnership and Support: Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial placement. We offer continued support to ensure a seamless transition and integration process, and we remain a resource for both the organization and the candidate to support sustained success and growth.

We are not just executive recruiters; we are facilitators of change in the global healthcare landscape. By connecting you with the industry’s most forward-thinking minds, we contribute to a future where technology and human ingenuity make unparalleled strides in patient care, medical procedures, and overall health outcomes.

Engage with us in this mission of excellence, innovation, and transformation. With our strategic approach to executive search, we don’t just match organizations with leaders—we help sculpt the future of medical technology and healthcare worldwide.


The Morgan Prestwich Team are the only search firm globally to have exclusively built over 14 biotech companies entire international launch teams (Leadership, Commercial, Medical), both above-country and in-country.

Delivering ground breaking medical innovation to a patient’s bedside relies on the expertise of professionals in Leadership, Medical, Product Launch, Market Access, Marketing and Sales, and these are core to our heritage. Led by our Senior Client Partners, all supported closely by CEO, Greg Bell, our commercialisation practice has extensive global networks which deliver an A Class team alongside your A Class medicine.

Clinical Development

Our expert clinical development team support clients from Pre-Clinical through clinical phases I – IV. We strengthen Boards and Leadership teams to develop their science in preparation for commercialisation or acquisition. We work with true start-up Biotech companies in rare, orphan, and speciality diseases, where science can have a real impact on patient lives.

Digital Health, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

In the pulsating sphere of AI and Digital Health within the global Life Sciences industry, the evolution of technology isn’t just rapid; it’s revolutionary. Our executive search service is finely honed to this vibrant intersection, dedicated to identifying and placing transcendent leaders who can navigate the exhilaration of this technological renaissance, turning potential into practice and driving an era of smarter, faster, and more efficient healthcare solutions.

The integration of AI and Digital Health in Life Sciences marks a paradigm shift, offering promises of unprecedented advancements in predictive analytics, precision medicine, patient engagement, and beyond. However, this exhilarating frontier is also complex, requiring navigation through intricate regulatory environments, data privacy concerns, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the constant imperative for innovation. This landscape calls for a new archetype of leadership — leaders who are not only fluent in the languages of life sciences, technology, and data but also visionary in strategizing, pioneering in spirit, and relentless in execution.

Leadership within AI and Digital Health transcends traditional managerial aptitude. It demands a deep understanding of machine learning, natural language processing, telehealth, data governance, and more. These leaders must possess the agility to pivot with market and technological shifts, the insight to invest in relevant innovations, and the vision to foresee how these advancements can redefine healthcare delivery, improving outcomes and streamlining processes.

Our executive search strategy is anchored in core tenets of precision, foresight, and excellence:

  1. Profound Industry Insight: Our team brings a wealth of experience from the life sciences, AI, digital health, and executive search sectors. This multidimensional expertise enables us to comprehend the subtleties of this niche market and the qualities indispensable in its leaders.
  2. Meticulous Candidate Evaluation: We delve beyond the resume, employing a comprehensive assessment methodology that gauges technical prowess, leadership acumen, visionary thinking, and cultural fit, ensuring each leader is primed to propel your organization to new heights.
  3. Unyielding Focus on Innovation-Centric Leadership: We target professionals who aren’t just participants in the AI and Digital Health revolution but are its architects — those with a proven trajectory of leveraging technology to accelerate discovery, refine patient care, and enhance operational efficacy.
  4. Absolute Confidentiality and Ethical Rigor: Every facet of our process is underpinned by stringent confidentiality protocols, maintaining the utmost discretion and integrity in every engagement, ensuring robust trust and transparency.
  5. Enduring Post-Placement Support: Our dedication extends past successful placements, offering continuous support to guarantee fluid onboarding, seamless integration, and the long-term triumph of both the candidate and the organization.

Our mission goes beyond matchmaking. We are the conduit between present potential and future excellence, pairing you with leaders who will not just ride the wave of AI and Digital Health advancement, but direct its course. They will catalyze change, inspire innovation, and etch significant contributions into the annals of life sciences history.

Embark with us on this exhilarating journey. With our strategic insight, exhaustive search acumen, and commitment to excellence, we’re not just filling positions — we’re defining futures and reimagining what’s possible in global healthcare.

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