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Andy Smith

Senior Client Partner

With over 20 years’ search experience dedicated to the Life Sciences sector, Andy brings European, US and Asia-Pacific experience to the Morgan Prestwich team. Having spent over 15 years living and working across regions, he has a unique understanding of the careful management needed in projects involving cross-border moves of executives.

His experience includes the placement of executives from senior technical specialist to ‘C’ level across the sector, including biotechnology, specialty pharma, big pharma, medical devices, diagnostics, generics, biosimilars, academic institutions, consumer healthcare, consultancy and other related service providers. His functional expertise covers most management disciplines, including general management, clinical research, business development, human resources, research & development, medical, marketing & sales, manufacturing, IT and, finance.

Beginning his career in London he has since spent significant periods of time based in EMEA, Asia Pacific and North America.  Before returning to London in 2021 he served as a Managing Partner in a boutique Life Sciences firm in Singapore. Before this, he was an in-house Global Search Consultant for AbbVie, major global biopharmaceutical company.  Based in Paris, he developed and executed for them search strategies, for senior regional and global executive positions.

Andy's Expertise

Board, C-suite, Leadership, Vice Presidents and Director Executive Search

At Morgan Prestwich, we recognize that the cornerstone of breakthrough progress in Life Sciences and Healthcare isn’t just innovation — it’s leadership. Our specialized Executive Search Services are designed to identify and secure exceptional Board members, C-suite executives, and Leaders, as well as accomplished Vice Presidents and Directors, specifically for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the US, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region. Our mission is to forge the human connections and leadership synergies that empower organizations to lead with insight, innovate with purpose, and excel in their respective markets.

The Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors are vibrant and rapidly evolving, marked by disruptive technologies, regulatory complexities, and competitive market forces. In this dynamic environment, SMEs face unique challenges: they must be agile yet strategic, innovative yet grounded in industry realities. This requires leadership that’s not just skilled, but visionary; leaders who can drive growth, foster innovation, and navigate the intricate nuances of regional and global markets.

Our approach at Morgan Prestwich is as unique as the candidates we seek:

  1. Global Reach, Local Insight: Our expansive network spans the US, Europe, Middle East, and APAC, combining a global perspective with the invaluable local knowledge necessary for nuanced decision-making and strategic growth.
  2. Specialized Focus: We specialize exclusively in the Life Sciences and Healthcare sectors, ensuring an in-depth understanding of industry trends, challenges, and the specific leadership competencies that drive success in these fields.
  3. Strategic Leadership Profiling: Every search begins with a deep dive into your organization’s unique culture, mission, and market position. We analyze the strategic leadership competencies required to elevate your business and then match these with candidates of the highest caliber.
  4. Comprehensive Search and Assessment: Our exhaustive search process employs cutting-edge techniques and a proprietary assessment framework to evaluate candidates’ expertise, leadership styles, and potential for strategic alignment. We don’t just find candidates with the right skills; we identify leaders who will shape the future of your organization.
  5. Confidentiality and Integrity: We operate with the highest level of professionalism, upholding strict confidentiality and ethical standards throughout every phase of the engagement.
  6. Post-Placement Support: Our commitment extends beyond successful appointments. We offer robust post-placement support, ensuring seamless transitions and the ongoing effectiveness of your new leadership.
  7. Dedicated to SMEs: We understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by small to medium-sized enterprises. Our strategies are tailored to leverage the agility, innovation, and potential that characterize SMEs, transforming these into competitive advantages.

With Morgan Prestwich, you’re choosing a partner committed to placing leaders who will leave a lasting impact. Our candidates aren’t just fulfilling roles; they are catalysts for growth, ambassadors of innovation, and architects of lasting success.

Embark on a journey with us — a journey to exceptional leadership, unprecedented growth, and market distinction. At Morgan Prestwich, we don’t just fill positions; we elevate your potential by connecting you with leaders who will shape the industry’s future and drive transformative success on a global scale.

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